authenticity is a word i have been thinking about a lot lately. it's something i have always believed to be one of the most important ideals in life. being genuine, true to ourselves, authentic, allows us to put the best of ourselves into the world everyday personally and professionally.  authenticity is at the core of all we do at elm street design co. we aren't just selling home decor, we are hoping to provide you with pieces that bring joy, complete your home and honestly just make you smile when you catch a glimpse of them.  all the items you find for sale on are items i love, already have or would use in my home.  the pictures i take aren't just for social media , they are real life (usually with the mess of 3 kiddos pushed aside, but y'all know it's there).  my priority is to bring you pieces that you can incorporate into your home, to help breathe new life into your decor or items that may be the missing puzzle piece you've been searching for.  bottom line, elm street design co. is authentically me, and i hope it becomes part of your authentic home as well!

i get so much joy (borderline giddy) styling elm street design co. goods in a multitude of ways.  for me to buy something i have to be able to envision it in more than one way in my home and i can't wait to share all of these ideas with you through, instagram (@elmstreetdesignco) and facebook.  please reach out if you want help styling your products, i get so much joy from helping others find ways to beautifully incorporate what they already own with new finds.  please enjoy a complimentary design consultation with your first purchase!

just a brief personal psa...i am authentically flawed and constantly trying to find my way as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and most recently a business owner.  i am self admittedly a bit of a control freak and not one to venture into things i am not pretty sure i will be good at, so business ownership wasn't even on my radar for the longest time.  but here i am after a little (ok a LOT) of nudging from some very supportive people in my life, I am putting myself, my designs, my opinions out there and it's exhilarating, slightly terrifying, but so worth it.  i am also a sucker for a good motivational quote so here's my favorite lately from Colin Wright..."you have exactly one life in which to do everything you'll ever do. act accordingly." so here's to jumping in with both feet, living authentically, cheering each other on...and designing pretty spaces for happy homes of course!


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